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How it all works?

  • Choose a package that is perfect for your budget
  • TCMM will review your picture and once approved it will be posted to our site within 48 hours
  • Once on our website you will instantly be viewable by hundreds of modeling agents and casting agencies looking for print and advertising models in the state of Texas such as Gap, Academy, Kohls, ABC, NBC, FOX, Disney channel and many more.
  • Most agents want multiple professional photos to review before booking an interview. If you do not have a professional photo of your child, make sure you find a good quality photo that shows their personality.

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Why Choose Us

    • We are different ...
TCM Magazine was developed by industry specialist including agents, photographers and casting directors to find a better way for parents to have their children discovered at a cost effective price. No need to have expensive photo shoots taken or wait months to hear from an Agent. Take matters into your own hands. More people are using online portfolio database to find and book talent.
    • Who we are ...
TCM Magazine is not an agency in the traditional sense of the word, we are an online portfolio service, and we take no commission on any jobs you receive. (Agencies keep 20% of the money you make, we keep 0%, which means more profit for you.)
    • How to connect ...
By registering your child to TCM Magazine, you are allowing us to give your information directly to clients looking to book models. When clients contact us with interest in using your child for a specific photo shoot or print ad, we will then give them your information only after checking their legitimacy. We only work with professional, legitimate clients in the state of Texas. At time, we also have clients from out-of-state requesting talent. It is always up to the parent if they want to take or decline a job. No guarantee or promise of model opportunities or bookings can be made. Registration does not guarantee a/any booking.